Are your items authentic?

Yes! We only source from pre-authenticated pieces.  

Do you re-stock popular items?
We try our best to bring back fan favorites but it all depends on what we are able to source. Since these items are vintage and rare they can be hard to find. 


How should I care for my Vintage Jewelry?
To keep your Unbuttoned Vintage piece(s) looking their best, please store them neatly when not in use and remove jewelry before sleeping. Wipe with a soft rag after each wear to remove any dust/sweat. Avoid contact with moisture and liquid cosmetics; this includes lotion, sunscreen, and perfume. As with all jewelry, anything that isn't solid gold should never be worn in the shower, the pool or the ocean. 


What are you pieces made of?
Our vintage jewelry is made from a variety of materials included 24K, 18K, sterling silver and brass. Exact materials used to create each style are listed on each item's product detail page. With vintage buttons and charms we can't be certain of exact materials but every finished piece is coated with an allergy protectant to help with skin sensitivities.


What do you do with the garments after you remove the buttons/charms?

It varies by piece. Depending on the condition I’ll try to repurpose the material for other things or I can clean up and donate if damage is minimal. The goal is to try to do as much as possible to extend its life. The majority of the pieces I utilize are waaaay past their prime, which is how I’m able to afford to turn them into jewelry. We're also looking into a zero waste recycling program for those pieces that can't be repurposed or donated.


I've seen other button jewelry out there and they are priced much lower than your items. Why?
Unfortunately, the marketplace is full of fake buttons and charms that other people are calling authentic. Truly authentic pieces are a greater investment because they are harder to source.


Do you have any tips for telling the difference between real and fake buttons?
Yes! Check out this blog post to learn more about telling real and fake buttons apart!


What is your Return Policy?
We try our best to describe all pieces in great detail.  All sales are final unless the piece has been damaged in transit or been described inaccurately. Buyer is responsible for all return postage. You can exchange your item within 7 days of receipt.