Giving vintage and designer pieces a stylish second chance


Born from the theory that great style doesn’t have to cost you a whole paycheck and that older, worn in and well loved pieces shouldn’t be destined for the dumpster Unbuttoned Vintage offers handmade jewelry and accessories in small batches and limited quantities. By partnering with authentication experts and utilizing our industry relationships we are able to find clothing and accessories that are past their prime and give them a second life by turning their buttons and charms into jewelry. ⁠⠀
We include details about the original piece in our product listings to help you learn about its original origin and verify authenticity. With all the fake pieces out there that are being called "authentic" it can be hard to distinguish between what is real vs. what isn't. 

While some pieces we pull from have an abundance of buttons others only have one or two. So in the words of Ariana Grande, if you see it, you like it, you want it, you should get it asap because there is no guarantee it will come back into stock!